Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy 2008

Happy New Year World,
We did our traditional non-celebration of Chinese food and TV for New Year's Eve. Today we went to the movies for the first time in months. Saw "I Am Legend" which was very good. For an apocalyptic/sci-fi/horror flick it carried a lot of emotional weight. Will Smith did a really good job and I was shocked to find myself on the verge of tears a couple times.

Looking back, 2007 saw the death of Anna Nicole Smith (can't believe how long ago that already feels) and amid the months of chaotic media attention, Illegal Aliens (her final film and one I was heavily involved with) was finally released. In November, another movie I had a small hand in as an extra, Zombie Town, was released as well. So it was quite a banner year for my bad movie career. It was also the year of a great visit to Six Flags in New Jersey, another Red Sox World Series Championship, the Patriots going 16 -0, and a phenomenal adventure vacation to Chile. The low point of the year was easily the death of my grandmother in October. This was also the year I started doing meditation using Holosync. Since June, I've used Holosync on a daily basis and it's been quite an interesting experience to say the least. I really recommend checking out their free demo and experiencing it for yourself. I've grown to enjoy and look forward to my meditation sessions - something I never would have predicted for myself. This was also the year Lori and I celebrated ten years of marriage, yet another milestone I never would have predicted.

2008 will continue my burgeoning screenwriting career. I'm still developing my first optioned screenplay and this is the year it should actually go to market. I'm also taking more classes, planning new scripts and polishing my existing ones with the goal of becoming a full-time writer. The next dream trip is to visit Uganda and Rwanda to see some mountain gorillas. Lori's got big plans for her weight-loss coaching business and we're both using the Law of Attraction to bring more joy and abundance to ourselves and everyone around us. How's that for a sappy, positive, holiday sentiment?

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