Sunday, November 09, 2008

For Those About To Rock

Today is going to be a totally sick rockin' day. First we are headed to the Patriots - Bills game. Despite having season tickets I've missed the last two home games so this is gonna feel like the home opener all over for me. Then tonight it's AC/DC at the Boston Garden. This will be my 8th AC/DC show over the years, but it's been eight years since their last tour I think.

The Globe had a fun article this week proclaiming AC/DC to be The Greatest Band EVER!
They've had too many dismal albums in my book to give them that title, but they sure are the most reliable and an amazing live band.

Of course The Greatest Band Ever for me is probably Metallica. And I'm psyched the Guitar Hero rumors are no longer just rumors. Guitar Hero: Metallica will be out in 2009! SWEET! I'm gonna be shoving so many 14 year olds out of my way the day that goes on sale...

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