Sunday, November 23, 2008

"Role Models" Rocks!

Lori and I went to the movies yesterday for the first time since August and checked out "Role Models" which I had to see because every review I read mentioned KISS, plus the ads cracked me up every time. The movie did not disappoint. It was hilarious all the way through and features one of the best foul-mouthed kids since the original "Bad News Bears." And KISS isn't just mentioned or have a song playing in the background. They are actually part of the plot and a key feature in numerous scenes. The scene where they discuss "Love Gun" really struck home, as I had that very same discussion years ago. And the fact that the scene takes place around a KISS pinball machine like the one sitting in my house just added to my Kissteria. So if you want a good raunchy, stupid laugh fest, with lots of boobs, check it out. And if you're a KISS fan - you'll like it even more.

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