Friday, April 09, 2010

Technologies of Awareness

This weekend Lori and I are headed back out to Northampton Ma for a seminar at Smith College featuring Bill Harris and Genpo Roshi. This will be my second event with Genpo and third with Bill, but is the first time they are coming to me instead of me needing to fly across the country. It is titled "Technologies of Awareness: Buddhism and the New Mind Sciences" and is about the intersection of Buddhist practice, Western psychology, and modern technology.

If you aren't familiar with these guys; Bill Harris is the creator of Holosync, a meditation system I've been using daily for close to three years, and Genpo Roshi is a Zen Master who originated the Big Mind process (an amazing experience I've done with him and Bill a few times) and is the author of "Big Mind/Big Heart" (a very cool book that was part of the PhilosophersNotes Challenge I did earlier this year).

The day will also feature; Dr. Jamie Hubbard, the Yehan Numata Professor of Buddhist Studies at Smith College, (No, I have no idea what "Yehan Numata" is either.) and Andrew Olendzki, PH.D. executive director of the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies.

This is another one of those events where I have no idea what to expect, so it is easy to go into it with no expectations.


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