Sunday, June 06, 2010

A Day with Abraham-Hicks

Yesterday, Lori and I attended a Law of Attraction workshop with Jerry and Esther Hicks, and it was a blast. They got a huge ovation as they entered the room and my first thought was that Esther looks younger in person. Lori thinks the opposite for Jerry, oh well. Jerry speaks first; he says they are here to have fun, and it is practically a stand-up comedy routine as he and Esther run through the ground rules of the day. The tone is set; high energy, and lots of laughs.

Esther takes the stage, says “Hello” quickly followed by “Goodbye” and I realize we don’t actually listen to Esther, but rather Abraham. I wonder if Esther ever gets to talk to anyone? She closes her eyes and lowers her head, and the room goes totally silent. She nods her head a bit and smiles as she tunes into the frequency of Abraham. I even feel myself jump, as if a chill hit me from head to toe.

The day consists of hour long sessions and twenty minute breaks. People raise their hand to ask questions and Esther/Abraham points to make a selection. Though the audience was overwhelmingly female, the vast majority of people chosen to speak were male.

Highlights of my notes:
There are two frequencies in us at all times. The source energy that created us still exists, so we have source thoughts and we also have thoughts in our physical bodies. Those combine to make our point of attraction.

You must manage your own point of attraction – how you think and feel about everything.

Abraham goes off on the Gulf oil spill, and even the ump who blew the call on the perfect game. How can anyone do something positive when so many people are sending them ill will? News channels have live feeds to make sure everyone knows how bad the oil spill is, that just keeps the problem going longer. BP can’t find the positive solution when so many are sending negative energy toward them. Can’t be actively involved in the problem and the solution at the same time. They are different energies.

You can be justified in your feeling bad, but it helps nothing.
Manage how you feel and what you focus on and you will experience better things.

The problem is that people are willing to put up with negative emotion.

You must care about how you feel.

No one is doing anything to you.
Well being will prevail. Well being always wins out.

When focused on the problem, not the solution, we feel negative emotions. This is because we are splitting our source energy and physical energy.

Emotions are indicators of how well we are keeping up with creation in the Vortex.
Vortex of creation is the only present tense in the universe. Manifestation is old news. You’ll feel relief in the vortex.  (Vortex is where you are aligned with Source, your soul, you are turned on, tuned in, in the zone, in the flow...)
Conditional love is a fairy tale and is a horrible thing to be taught.

You MUST tend to your point of attraction.
FEEL GOOD regardless of conditions.
Solution and problem come into focus equally, unless you focus only on the problem. That cuts you off from the solution.

The best answer to everything: “It’s gonna be okay.”
That is the answer to all illness. If people heard and believed that, their problems would fall away.
The amount of love someone else has for you is none of your business.

Don’t want kids to learn to jump through hoops to make parents happy or to love them. That is conditional love and acceptance. Do you want your kids to behave or align?

It is only your own alignment you can control or change.

Don’t look to others for love – look to your alignment, your Vortex.
It isn't your job to keep anyone happy.

You can always gain your balance. You must look for it from your vibration, NOT your environment.
Be more cheerful, optimistic, and happy. Make the best of where you stand.
Do your work from inside the Vortex.
The Vortex is where your heart sings, and you are feeling great. When you are there, milk it. Pre-pave your future.
Speak of your hopes, wishes, dreams, and plans there. It might not last for an extended time – milk whatever moment there is. Practice, and it will be easier to get and stay there next time.

How far from reality are you able to imagine? Need to be far from the problem to imagine a solution. Big vibrational difference between them.
Out of the Vortex – imagination will be worry on bad things and outcomes. In Vortex, imagine what you want.

You get what you consistently think about, whether you want it or not.

People are such good observers their vibration is rarely different from what we are looking at. That brings a very slow pace of change and manifestation.

This reality that we think is so real, isn’t. It is constantly changing – into more of what we see. Imagine different to create a different reality. Focus on the solution. When all focus is on the problem – more problems.

Too many people let reality train their vibration, and they can’t imagine anything different.
Ignore “reality” and fantasize a different reality that you want. Vibrational reality will shift.

Can’t be a top observer and deliberate creator.

Do all the talking when the problem is NOT active. Don’t be in problem orientation.
I will no longer try to create xxx, while observing what is not pleasing to me.
I won’t try and find the solution while focused on the problem.
Be solution oriented.

The harder you try outside the Vortex, the harder it gets.

Let how you feel be the only thing that matters to you.

"Happily ever after" is the order of the universe.

 - Now that we know Jerry and Esther make an annual stop in Boston, we have a new yearly tradition of a day with Abraham.


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