Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Movers and Shakers Video for Hay House

7/12/10 UPDATE: Wow! Cheryl Richardson announced the winners for the video contest tonight and I've been named one of three runners-up. The three of us get a group coaching call with Cheryl. I want to thank Cheryl, Reid, Louise and everyone at Hay House and all the fantastic Movers and Shakers I met in Boston who encouraged me to do the video in the first place.

Back in April, I attended "Movers & Shakers" in Boston, a weekend event for aspiring authors and speakers. When I first heard about the event, I was only aspiring to be aspiring, but I went because it sounded interesting and I needed to start somewhere. Part of the program was a video contest resulting in people being selected for an online event or their own radio show with Hay House. The deadline is June 23, 2010. There were so many amazing, polished, and powerful people at the event; published authors, speakers, counselors, and coaches--people who've been doing their work for years. I never had any intention of submitting a video. Yesterday, after reading some comments by other Movers and Shakers on Facebook, and being prodded by the Kindness Guy himself, I realized winning wasn't the point. Making a video was the point, and since I was afraid to; I had to.
Making it was rough; posting it was even harder. Though I've talked and blogged about this subject for a while, I never enjoy it. If the contest was for most swear-filled outtakes, I'd own it hands down.

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