Wednesday, March 02, 2011

I have a Millionaire Mind!

This past weekend Lori and I attended T. Harv Eker's Millionaire Mind Intensive in Boston and it totally rocked. It was a surprising mix of spirit, energy, and financial how-to's that we both resonated strongly with. Over three long, high-energy days, we (along with 400 others) sang, danced, cried, laughed, learned to take compliments, be excellent receivers, and once and for all proved to ourselves we are WICKED F'N WORTHY!!

We learned the easiest money management system in the world, simple stock strategies that would have saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars had I known them ten years ago, and concrete steps to take to be financially free. Plus there were many transformative exercises to recognize and eliminate blocks in our own thinking, discovering our financial blue print and changing it.

T. Harv Eker is the author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth and has been running training programs for over 20 years. This was their first time in Boston and they are coming back in June they were so impressed. Plus the lead instructor, Adam Markel, is a UMass grad!

I can't recommend this program enough. You can even attend for free! Click here to see when Millionaire Mind Intensive will be near you and register now! I recommend going for the VIP package which is what Lori and I did, the amount of bonuses you get will blow you away. But if money is tight, take advantage of the free seat and learn all you can.

When you attend, you too will identify your money personality, discover whether money rules you or you rule money, and countless other powerful insights. More powerful than what you learn will be what you unlearn. The old programming that keeps from achieving all you want, financially and in life in general.

It is amazing what Peak Potentials is willing to do to prove the value of their courses. Their mission is "To educate and inspire people to live in their higher self based in courage, purpose and joy." Mine too. We signed up for a stock trading boot camp in June and a class on creating passive income streams in December.


Gratitude Blog said...

Hi Andy, Can you detail the extra value you received from the $600 to be VIP status? My husband and I will be in Maine in June are going to attend the Boston event. But $600 is a lot for us right now. Doable, but not a no-brainer. So any details you or Lori can provide to assist us in deciding is much appreciated.
Thanks! You can answer on EnWaken site as well.
Sandy Kobrock

AF Grant said...

Hi Sandy,
Here are the details for VIPs.
•"front and center" seating,
•a 165-page workbook, so you don't have to scramble taking notes.
•copy of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind,
•Secrets of the Rich 10-CD collection, hours of cool interviews.
•The Millionaire Mind Intensive Home Learning Course, CDs and DVDs to integrate all you've learn at the live event.
There were a few more things too. There is also a Premium level some of the items above. If you don't care about sitting together, one person could go as a VIP to get the goodies and the other could use the free seat.
Either way, you'll get a lot out of the event.
Thanks - Andy

celulitis nunca mas said...

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