Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Acting Family

Back in July Lori and I both went to an open casting call for Showtime's TV Series "The Brotherhood". Well she got the call last week and yesterday was her first day as a professional background performer - that's the politcally correct way to refer to extras these days. She was set to play the exciting role of "neighbor" and in true pro acting fashion her first day went as many days do; she wasn't used at all. But she had fun being on set and meeting other people including some of the leads like Jason Isaacs (whom she didn't realize was the evil Lucius Malfoy from Harry Potter until she got home).
Tonight we are off to see James Ray live in Boston. James was one of the people featured in The Secret and I've been hoping he'd come to the area for years. I've read his book "Harmonic Wealth" and have heard many interviews and calls with him but haven't seen him live ever.
And then Sunday we have the much anticipated home opener for the Patriots where we'll see if the winless preseason matters or not. Then Monday we've got tickets for the Red Sox - Rays game and I still can't believe the playoffs are going through Tampa Bay this year. Those guys came out of nowhere and have stayed on top all season. Amazing.

Update: Damn! Lori just got called to work on "Edge of Darkness" this Saturday in Boston. I've got to stop bringing her to casting calls, she's taking all my work!

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