Tuesday, September 30, 2008

SAG Card

Woohoo! I got my SAG card in the mail last week. I'm amazed how fast and easy my acting career has gone. I took my first acting classes in May and in September I'm already in the Screen Actors Guild. I met plenty of other people this summer who've been trying to get into SAG for years. Being in SAG has got me receiving a lot more availability checks so far, but since I already have a "real" job nothing has fit my schedule since Edge of Darkness at the beginning of the month. Being in SAG has however gotten me bounced from the independent projects I was supposed to be in. Since I had auditioned before I joined the union I was assured it was OK for me to be in them, but the producer is intimidated by SAG and thinks he can't use me now. Even if it was a problem, it would only be a problem for me not him, since I'm the one in the union. But like I told him, I don't need to argue with anyone just so I can work for free. That just tells me they doesn't really know what they're doing anyway, so I'm actually glad I won't get sucked into some nightmare of a production now.

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