Sunday, October 05, 2008

Six Flags Fright Fest

Saturday night we headed out to Six Flags New England for some early Halloween fun, even bringing along our 17 year old niece Rachel for her first trip to the park. It was the second weekend for "Fright Fest", as the park, like most around the country, transformed into a collection of haunted houses and fright zones.
The place was pretty crowded and luckily we upgraded to VIPs to skip the lines at the two big haunted attractions, Midnight Mansion and Wicked Woods. If we hadn't done that I don't think we would've had time for a single ride, the lines were that long. Midnight Mansion was nothing special and could've been a haunted house put on by any local high school, while Wicked Woods was much longer and more entertaining. But still the highlight of any trip to Six Flags NE is Superman: Ride of Steel - the top-rated steel roller coaster in the world. After many trips and dozens of rides on Superman, this was actually our first ride at night. But it was also our longest wait ever. There were many unknown technical difficulties (that just makes the ride more exciting to me) and they ended up only having one train running instead of the normal two. Things even halted completly three times durring our almost 2 hour wait to get on. But once we finally got on, it was AWESOME! Really glad we got a final ride in this year because they are planning some sort of "transformation" for next year. Might have to get out there again this month just in case they make it lame.

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