Saturday, October 18, 2008

Retreating to a Retreat

Tomorrow morning I'm flying off to Kansas City, Missouri for a week long meditation retreat with Centerpointe at some place called Unity Village. I've meditated daily with Centerpointe's Holosync CDs since last July and have really been impressed. It's done all the many things they claimed it would do for me. You can order a free demo CD from their website if you are curious. Centerpointe used to have a retreat twice a year, but this is the final one they are doing so I figured I'd better give it a shot now. I decided to do it after the Big Mind weekend in Seattle in May proved to be so cool. It's gonna be weird travelling without Lori or Larry The Lizard, not to mention sharing a room with a stranger for a week, but I'm psyched to see what comes of it. I'm going in with no expectations and intentionally don't know a hell of a lot of what will be happening all week.

I just hope there is access to a TV so I can catch the Pats on MNF and the resurgent Red Sox who are attempting ANOTHER miracle playoff comeback after being down AGAIN 3 games to 1. They made history Thursday night coming back from being down 7-0. Let's hope it holds for tonight. Go Sox!

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