Friday, October 10, 2008


First of all, go Red Sox!
If the bank failures, plummeting stock market and global economic meltdown hasn't convinced you we have reached the End of Days, here's more proof; Guns N' Roses claim the decade-in-the-making album "Chinese Democracy" will be released on November 23rd. This whole thing makes me feel like I'm trapped in some sort of time paradox. You see back in 2002 I saw Axl and some of his buddies billing themselves as Guns N' Roses on a tour for Chinese Democracy. They even played a couple new songs from the album. But if the album hasn't been released yet, how could there have been a tour? If there was no tour, what did I see? Was I really in the future? Wonder if the poor folks at Dr. Pepper are getting nervous yet.
At least everything going to hell has a killer soundtrack. Metallica's "Death Magnetic" continues to blow me away. I have a new favorite song each week. This week's is "Broken, Beat & Scarred." My Death Magnetic Coffin Box Set arrived today. It's like a foot and a half tall and full of all sorts of cool shit including a t-shirt, poster, picks, lanyard, cd of demos, dvd of behind the scenes and more. Go Red Sox!!
Coffin Box Inside

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