Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Record Set At Fenway

Not only did we see a great game at Fenway Park last night when the Red Sox beat the Rays 3 to nothing to move just 1/2 game out of first place in the AL East, but we were part of a new Major League record; 456 consecutive sellouts. Everyone got commemorative tickets as we entered the park and there were videos and messages throughout the game listing 456 reasons for thanking the fans. My favorite was a video of Jason Bay saying "Thanks for welcoming the new guy." We were treated to a tremendous pitching effort from Jon Lester, a double by Big Papi, a home run by Jason "not Manny" Bay and a fist-pumping, river dancing save from Jonathan Paplebon.

And of course much of the talk in the crowd was about Tom Brady being lost for the season. But I'm psyched for an exciting NFL season. I LOVE that the Patriots will be back to being the disrespected underdogs - they thrive that way. Being expected to just blow everyone away just doesn't make for exciting games. So bring on the Cassel era (at least till next season).

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