Saturday, October 01, 2005

Back to Reality

Stinky Homer I seem to have finally recovered from the Illegal Aliens movie shoot. No more searching the house for craft services, no more yearning for Napoleon Dynamite references and 80's sing alongs. Thank God I've finally stopped moving all the lights in the house around and have gotten used to sleeping without the sound of idling trains and the slamming of rail cars into each other all night.

Speaking of the movie I can't speak of - here is some info on it from someone (Anna Nicole Smith) who still has the freedom of speech and throws some props to a girl who rocks. Also found this little blurb regarding A Current Affair's visit to the set.

The big excitement while I was gone was Homer getting sprayed by a skunk. He must have been inches away from the thing, Lori said the spray was dripping off his face. He is still kinda stinky, as is my office. Thanks Homer.

The baseball season is ending perfectly with a season ending, pennant clinching showdown between the Red Sox and the Yankees. Everyone is on hand to root against The Evil Empire - even Chewbacca. Chewie at FenwayActually he threw out the first pitch on Wednesday against the Blue Jays. He must not have a correct schedule. Sunday we are off to the Patriots - Chargers game at Gillette Stadium. I've seen so little football this season, it feels like the home opener. And my beloved Pats are once again besieged with injuries. Tedy Bruschi will be joined on the sidelines by Rodney Harrison, Matt Light and Kevin Faulk. If this was any other team, I'd say the season is lost. But the Patriots have earned the right to never be doubted or counted out. The last Sox-Yanks game (unless there is a one game playoff due to season ending in a tie) will be happening at the same time Sunday. Gonna be a sick weekend.

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