Monday, October 03, 2005

Mixed Weekend

It was painful to watch the Patriots game yesterday. The San Diego Chargers spanked us big time yesterday with a final score of 41 - 17. Haven't seen a loss at home since Gillette Stadium's first year and this stops the home winning streak at 21. The loss of too many coaches and players has finally caught up with us and made the New England Patriots mortal once again.
The Red Sox are headed into the playoffs as the Wildcard team again. Those Damn Yankees pulled out the division title again, but at least the Sox made them earn it this year. Both teams ended the season with the same record of 95 and 67, the Yankees get the title due to being 10 & 9 against the Sox in head-to-head battles this year. Bastards!

Ever since I had to pull my postings from my time on the "Illegal Aliens" set, everyone who has emailed me has assumed it was Anna Nicole Smith behind it for some reason. Just want to clear her name - she had nothing to do with it. Anna continues to write about the movie shoot in her column, this week she mentions an incident that was also featured in one of my banned postings - perhaps the very one that ruffled some Hollywood feathers. If you haven't heard, she will be appearing before the Supreme Court next year. Anyone know how you get to be in the audience for the Supreme Court? Are there ticket scalpers hanging around outside when there is a popular case? Should be an interesting time.

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Anonymous said...

I guess the reason why everyone thinks it was Anna Nicole because you said she was holding up filming every day, flubbing her lines, and that the trick in having a sucessful day was getting her in and out of the set quickly and then all of the sudden the posts were gone.