Tuesday, October 11, 2005

No More Baseball That I'll Care About

Wow, the Sox and Yankees are both gone in the first round of baseball playoffs. I wonder if teams that get swept in the first round (like the Red Sox this year) wish they had missed the playoffs entirely. If you miss the playoffs you can at least dream about what might have been if you got in. But if you do make it in and then get sent home without ever winning a game, you just have to accept that you sucked. Congrats to George Steinbrenner for surviving the season. I was sure he was gonna give himself a heart attack this year. And Boston's own caveman/Jesus, Johnny Damon, better be back next year or we'll have one boring team.

At least the Patriots have righted their ship. This year will be a dramatic season, Indianapolis should still be undefeated when the visit the Pats next month. Hopefully we're done with losing now too.

Saw the movie "Flightplan" last night. I thought it was really good, a solid suspense thriller with good twists and turns. Jodie Foster made it work. In the hands of lesser actors the movie would have been a bad joke. Some may think this one is anyway when it ends. Once the master plan is revealed it isn't really logical, but it still makes for a fun movie. I like to go along for the ride and just let the movie pull me in instead of second guessing everything and trying to decide who is good and who is bad. I hate people who claim "I knew it all along" at the end. So what! It's a freakin' movie, not physics. If you can read some physics text book and say "I knew it all along", then I'm impressed.

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