Monday, October 31, 2005

Bruschi Returns

Being at last nights Patriots game and seeing Tedy Bruschi return after suffering a stroke earlier this year was amazing. As always, the team came onto the field as one, not with individual introductions like most other teams. But they did announce each name on the starting defense and saved Tedy Brushci's name for last and there was probably the loudest and longest ovation Gillette Stadium has seen. He acknowledged the crowd, then he was all business. He played so much more than anyone expected and seemed to be everywhere. Every time he took the field or his name was announced for making a tackle - the whole place went nuts all over again. Very cool.
Meanwhile at Red Sox Nation - I was stunned that boy wonder GM Theo Epstein is leaving. This morning's Boston Globe was saying an announcement of a new three year deal for him would be announced today. And now Manny is demanding to be traded. Again. Looks like another 86 year wait for the Sox to be champs again.

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