Friday, September 09, 2005

All Aboard

Out popped Ozzy doing Crazy Train
Last night's NFL Kickoff for the 2005 season was a blast. Another Championship banner for the Patriots, tons of fireworks, Green Day and OZZY. Ozzy was the big surprise and just went off. He was so into it I think he thought Gillette Stadium was full of people there just for him. The Patriots normally run out the a giant inflatable helmet to Ozzy's classic "Crazy Train." Last night the helmet looked a bit different and popped open to unveil Ozzy and band (Zak Wylde went sick). He had the best faces and energy I've seen in years from him.
Oh yeah, and the Patriots beat the Raiders 30 -20, but didn't always look good doing it, so they've got plenty to work on. It was strange seeing someone else wearing Ted Johnson's longtime 52 and even stranger seeing Teddy Bruschi prowling the sidelines in street clothes, but it should be a another great year. The Unveiling
And don't try to go sick with Larry, Ozzy, Super Bowl Champs and take pictures at the same time - the results are an out of focus mess. Want proof?

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