Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Illegal Alliens: Day 1 Done

13 1/2 hours, countless bruises and one sunburn later, day one of shooting is in the books. I'm officially acting as Swing Man on the crew. Playing with Grip and Electric - a job I decided I didn't want 10 years ago when I first did it. Grip and Electric pretty much means you move shit around all day, a lot, sometimes for no reason. Today was nasty hot, not what I expected in Vermont in September, but then again being a grip isn't what I expected when I was told I was an Associate Producer either.

Anna Nicole Smith is thinner than I've ever seen her, you wouldn't even recognize her from far away. She's been fun, friendly and giggly and she has the absolute whitest teeth I've ever seen in my life. She fell down twice (always quickly bouncing back up), and popped out of her shirt countless times but always knew her lines. At the end of her day she went around saying thanks and goodbye to all the crew. Poor Lenise's shirt burst open every time she had to run too. I got to throw debris and hay from the aftermath of an explosion on the three leading ladies near the end of the day. A piece of wood hit Anna in the face, but I don't know if I can claim it as mine or not. Tomorrow will be Chynna's first day on set, another 6am crew call. I'm too old for this shit. Really. I might just be the oldest person on this crew.

Here is one photo from today. Lenise Soren looks on as Anna Nicole Smith and Gladise Jimenez escapes the exploding barn.

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