Saturday, September 17, 2005

Day 5 of IA Shoot

Larry Woos Anna Nicole SmithAnna Nicole had a very good morning. We got all the scenes of the three Illegal Aliens hanging at their place and Anna got through everything in just a couple takes. She also stayed on set for the first time when she wasn't on camera to keep giving her lines for the other actresses to play off of. She flubbed one line, saying her TrimSpa tag line instead - that was pretty funny. That tag line must be ingrained deep in her brain. She finally seems comfortable and relaxed with everyone. She was bouncing her tits and mooning the other girls to get them to break up. Good day to be a grip.
The afternoon went smooth too. The lead Illegal Alien (and potential next Wonder Woman) had her toughest lines so far - some insane alien star systems to rifle through - but finally pulled it all off. Work was also done on the electronic press kit and word came down that the dailies from day one look really good. The day ended after 13 hours with two bottles of Jack! Sick! Whiskey night. And the first shots of Larry have been had. First one handled with grace by Dave Provenzano (Provo) - the bitterest man on set. He is my personal Jesus for the shoot - he makes me forget how many times I swear I'll never do this again because he says it loudly many times a day in between bitching about the ancient shitty equipment. Provo rules. Provo Going Sick

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