Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Chyna Rocks!

Day two of the Illegal Aliens shoot is done and was much better than day one for this sorry Producer/Grip. We were at one interior location all day and had another crew member who really knows his job show up today. Much smoother, easier, shorter day - still 13 hours long.
Chyna & Larry The LizardChyna is blowing everyone away with how good she is. She just kicks ass take after take. She's got the longest dialgue and just rifles through it. She's the villain and is creating a sort of muscle bound Cruella DeVille out of it. Meanwhile the cue cards had to come out for others. This movie should be really funny, I've been having to hold back the laughs on set while we've been rolling. Also went out to eat and drink with some of the crew tonight - already feels like we've been working together for weeks or months not just days.
Some national television programs will be visiting the set this week too. Very cool.
And Larry made his debut on set today. Larry The Lizard and Chyna really hit it off.


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yeah joanie we love you, you really rock show them what your made of joanie you will always be the 9th wonder of my world