Monday, September 19, 2005

Illegal Aliens - Week One Done

Today is our off day after six days of shooting - and everybody needs it. Yesterday was well over 13 hours long and we were going for more but some camera problems forced us to wrap. I totally hit my wall last night - I'm finding out today many others did too. I was ready to just bail out and go home, but I've been talked in off the ledge. There was just a lot of chaos, hurry up and wait, and non-functioning gear to deal with last night.
Anna Nicole seems to show up each day with script suggestions, the surprising thing is that many are actually funny and have been used. Chyna continues to kick ass take after take. Her acting is the best surprise of the shoot - this could really be a break out role for her. We shot all day in a public parking garage, so we had our first crowds gather - all the actresses took time to sign autographs and take pictures with fans which was pretty cool. There was even an end of week party last night but I went to my room to check some NFL scores on my laptop and next thing I know it was 4:30am. I was still dressed and had a laptop on my chest. So I missed the party - which surely would have just meant passing out somewhere else.
If I last, I have a bigger acting role coming my way next weekend - a wiseguy with a couple paragraphs of dialogue.
Here is feature in today's Rutland Herald. Anna Nicole Smith's column in the National Enquirer had a small plug about this movie and a bit of a slam for someone who was supposed to be in it. Next week her column will feature more info and a photo. More press will be visiting next week, I'm now hearing two syndicated tv shows, and another day of shooting has been added to the end of the schedule, which I will have to miss to get home just in time to need a real vacation.
Tried to go to a movie today -- theater isn't open for matinees. Went for drive with Chuck - another investor/grip who has worked on lots of Edgewood films over the years. We found the Long Trail brewery, which of course was closed today for their annual gold outing. Did buy some Dr. Scholl's inserts - so now I'm gellin'.

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