Monday, September 12, 2005

Illegal Aliens: So It Begins

I've been in Rutland Vermont since Friday getting ready for the feature film Illegal Aliens. Tomorrow is the first day of shooting, with a call time of a rapidly approaching 6am. Movie is starring Anna Nicole Smith, Joanie (Chyna) Laurer, Lenise Soren and Gladise Jimenez. Traci Bingham was involved but due to scheduling conflicts had to pull out just a couple days ago. I just got back from picking up Chyna (and her dog Bambi) at Albany Airport (2 hour + ride) and she is a blast. We really hit if off - traded all sorts of wrestling, Surreal Life, safari, and Larry The Lizard (yes, Larry was there for the ride) stories and even dined together at Burger King (Hey! It is a low budget movie). She showed up with just one bag - less than half the luggage I came up here with. She also mentioned wanting to pick up some tree sap - I told her she might be better off with maple syrup, but if she insists on any old tree sap, I'll find it for her. Anyway, I was surprised how much fun I had hanging with Chyna. I picked up Lenise Soren the day before - just a short 20 minute ride from Rutland Airport. She is gorgeous and very nice. She's just coming here from Cape Cod where she was doing a play that my mom had gone to. Small world. Haven't seen Anna yet, but will in the morning. Oh, and Saturday is the big mud wrestling scene - sweet!

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