Thursday, September 22, 2005

More Illegal Aliens

Anna Nicole and her little pink friendToday shooting was just at one location, but we had 10 pages of script to get through. We got it all done, but it took a 13 1/2 hour day to do it. No visible residue from the actress tiff that broke out yesterday. But the day ended with new problems. The grip truck (which carries all the lighting and electrical equipment) broke down on the way back to the studio. We were in the parking lot when it stalled once, then about 100 feet from its parking spot it died for good. Ended up just towing it to the location we are shooting tomorrow - it's just on other end of facility that Edgewood is in. But beyond tomorrow - we are boned.

This morning featured some hilarious stuff from Anna Nicole Smith that you will probably never see. She plays an alien who has taken human form and discovers a dildo. Anna definitely has some great comedy instincts and is willing to do anything. Anything! Some of today's takes could get an NC-17 rating. Realized today how much she reminds of Suzanne Sommer's character from Three's Company, Chrissy. Anna laughs at herself the very same way.

A Current Affair did visit the set today and Access Hollywood will be here this weekend. We were also visited by another local paper and a couple radio stations. Current Affair did an interview with Chyna, unfortunately I don't know when it might air.
Chyna on set of Illegal AliensSyntax - the hologram character who tells the Illegal Aliens what to do has yet to be cast, but Burt Reynolds is no longer being talked about. He now wants 1 Million per picture. New names circulating are Bob Newhart and Verne Troyer.

Some of the last stuff we shot today was Chyna going to town destroying the Syntax super computer set. She is great at destruction. Also saw some more dailies tonight, mostly from our day at the airport last week as well as my first work as a Goon corpse. Exhaustion is definitely kicking in - I was one of many actually sleeping on the set today. The night ended with a huge greasy banquet of Kentucky Fried Chicken for the whole crew.

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