Saturday, September 24, 2005

Shortest IA Day Ever

Larry, meet Anna Today was a sweet and easy 11 hour day. Shooting at the limestone quarry only gives us direct sunlight until around 4:30pm - which means since we are shooting there tomorrow as well we will actually be back in time to see some football. Fuck yeah!
Forgot to give an update on the grip truck yesterday. The mechanic came to the set around lunch and the truck started right up - of course. He poked around and found plenty of shit that was goofy with it, he replaced some wires and the distributor cap and called it a day. Today the truck got up to 60 without any issue, until today its top speed was 45. But on the way back to the studio today, the muffler dropped and I left a trail of sparks for a few miles.
This morning I was providing safety up on a catwalk with Anna Nicole Smith and she noticed Larry The Lizard for the first time. I handed him to her and finally got the photo I came here for. Then she held Larry to her nose like he was biting her so I had to talk them both down before blood got spilled and take Larry back.
Robbie, Key Coat Rack
This morning also featured the graduation of #1 Grip Intern Robbie to Key Coat Rack. Seeing Robbie hold and carry the coats of the girls almost brought a tear to my eye. I just wish Chuck was still here to have seen it. The day was so slow that the normal grip sing alongs grew to include most of the crew - this morning included a moving ode to Journey with "Don't Stop Believing" echoing throughout the quarry. In the afternoon there was a tremendous round of Grip Wars as Ian kept building chairs of sandbags surrounded by flags to block the blazing sun, while Aaron built reflecting rigs to blind Ian. Good times.
The afternoon's scenes featured some of the girls doing battle with a giant spider - or at least 3/4's of a giant spider. Holy Crap! A giant spider
My final acting scenes were cut from the schedule for good and the mud fight finale will be tomorrow, with the wrap party tomorrow night even thought there is another day of shooting on Tuesday. David is trying to figure out someplace for Larry to be in the final shot.
For now we dance and pound PBR's.


Anonymous said...

Will you please post pics of Chyna from tomorrow's shooting... the big mud wrestling fight?

Thanks a bunch and much love.

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of Larry. Another coup for the lizard.