Friday, September 16, 2005

Illegal Aliens - Day 4

Day four is in the can. Another fairly short day, just 12 hours. Today's location, the West Rutland Water Treatment Plant, was very cramped so the crew was mostly kept outside without much going on. I ended up in front of the camera in the afternoon. Dying once again on the silver screen, this time as an evil henchman. It was a bit strange, the first scene I was in I was already dead, laying across a desk with my sweaty, bloody head on a keyboard. Gladise recommended they put some blood in my ear. I'm still pulling kyro syrup and coffee grinds out of my ear - thanks Gladise. Bad weather is moving in for awhile up here so the rest of the schedule is being redone. Tomorrow we don't start till 7am and will just be shooting here at the studio. Sweet!
They are looking for bands for the soundtrack and possibly for a cameo. I'm trying to get Angry Johnny involved, might even include a music video with Anna Nicole.
Larry The Lizard was on set again today, here he is with Gladise Jimenez (She's the one who kills me). She said Larry was ugly. Needless to say, Larry does not appreciate that so he predicts this will be the peak of her career.
And tonight is Friday, think I'll go totally sick and stay up till 11pm. WooHoo!

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