Friday, September 23, 2005

Illegal Aliens: Day 10

Larry watches Dennis and Chyna ham it up. The tenth day of shooting for Illegal Aliens is done. Most of the excitement today was behind the scenes as Provo our Gaffer went nuts again and chucked a C-stand across a parking lot after it fell apart in his hands. He had many more entertaining curse filled soliloquies through out the day as well.
I had fire extinguisher duty for a few scenes with a flaming wrecked truck. Those featured some hilarious improv between Dennis Lemoine and Chyna ending in passionate kisses, slaps and gunfire. The day ended with every extra pair of hands helping to rock a bus while Chyna "drove" and spewed forth with one liners that were cracking me up. The next two days we are shooting in a quarry - which means no power and no lights. That makes for very easy days (we hope) for Grip and Electric team. Today was a wrap for our Key Grip, Chuck Harding. He's made the past two weeks bearable for me, so thank God we have some easy setups while he's gone. I also have to be prepared to do some additional acting tomorrow as well. And the climactic mud wrestling battle is this weekend. Sick! Just three days of shooting left, and I'm only here for the next two.

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Anonymous said...

I absolutly love this website and love Chynna. She complety rocks!