Thursday, September 15, 2005

IA Shoot - Day Three

Yay! We finally made the day. That means getting all the scenes done that were scheduled for that day. We were back at the studio 12 hours after leaving this morning. That is our shortest day so far. We were about a full day behind after the first two days - not good.
Today was all on the tarmac of the Rutland Airport. I was on Electric duty for the morning. The morning of pouring rain. It showered off and on all day and we even had to abandon the set for awhile due to lightning. Great day to learn about running power. All the scenes were inside various airplanes - Anna Nicole smacked her head against the interior of the plane once and it looked like it hurt bad, but she soldiered on. That is two falls and one head slam so far for those of you scoring at home.
And the secret to sleeping through the night here at Edgewood Studios (surrounded by train tracks and with trains slamming into each other all night long) - is beer, Octoberfest to be exact. Slept straight through last night for first time.
Tonight some of us ate at AppleBee's. Anna Nicole and her entourage ate there when they first got to town last Saturday. Our waitress was still talking about it.

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