Sunday, September 25, 2005

Illegal Aliens: Day 12

Day 12 is in the books and finished in time to for Robbie, Dan and I to catch most of the 2nd half of the Patriots beating the Steelers. Next up - the wrap (pre-wrap) party in about twenty minutes.
I got to actually chat with Anna Nicole Smith for the first time today - ended up talking about all her luggage back home still packed with clothes all over her house and in storage and how she just keeps buying new clothes and luggage because nobody unpacks her stuff. She also mentioned some club seal (the insignia for a club, not an actual clubbed baby seal) that had traveled the world and had lots of photos taken of it with different celebrities and when it came to her she asked to keep it and then lost it. So she will never handle Larry The Lizard on her own again!

Today was the coldest day of the shoot, low 60's at best and was supposed to have all the girls being doused by a hose. So some new improv endings were done on the fly and the climactic mud wrestling battle between Chyna and Anna Nicole was held off until the very end of the day. It was hilarious. Poor Chyna had the flimsiest of clothing on and more skin was showing than planned at times but she never complained or even had a frown on her face. More to come once/if I survive the wrap party.
See ya.
OK - here's a couple photos from the big mud fight. Can't share any more until after the movie is released.
Larry watches Anna and Chyna battle Anna Nicole Smith and Chyna


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the pics of Chyna and Anna Nicole. They are both very hot. Chyna is the queen of wrestling, singing and movies. And Anna is the modeling queen.

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Anonymous said...

This movie will be lots of fun to see. I agree Chyna does rock!